International Student Study and Work in Canada

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Are you an international student in Canada wondering about taking breaks from your studies or exploring work opportunities during your academic journey?

International students in Canada can enjoy pre-defined breaks like winter holidays, summer vacations, and Reading Week without impacting your study permit status. Each break is permitted for up to 150 days, with a cumulative maximum of 180 days per calendar year.

Longer Breaks (Over 150 Days)

For breaks exceeding 150 days, two options exist:

  • Leave of Absence: This option allows you to remain in Canada for up to 150 days while not actively pursuing studies. Work authorization is not granted during this period. 
  • Change to Visitor Status: This option permits a longer stay but prohibits both study and work activities. You will need to submit a new study permit application to IRCC when ready to resume your studies.

Full-time student working in Canada:

Full-Time Opportunities: Leverage winter and summer holidays, or reading weeks to work full-time. Remember, this applies only if you’re enrolled as a full-time student both before and after the break.

Work Restrictions: Working during breaks before your first semester is not permitted.
Flexible Hour Options: If your program lacks scheduled breaks, you can still work up to 20 hours per week throughout regular semesters.


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