Immigration with Your Children

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If you want to apply to come to Canada as a permanent immigrant, or to work, study or visit, you may be able to include dependent children on your application.

Children qualify as dependants if they

  • are under 22 years old and
  • don’t have a spouse or partner

Dependants over the age limit – Children 22 or older qualify as dependants if they

  • have depended on their parents for financial support since before they were 22 and
  • can’t financially support themselves because of a mental or physical condition

Calculating the Lock-in date
The “age lock-in” date, when IRCC freeze information in an application so it doesn’t change over time, no matter how long it takes to process it. IRCC lock in the age of dependent children so their age won’t become ineligible before we can process their application.

Age lock-in dates vary by immigration program or category. Whether your child is eligible as a dependant depends on how old they are on that date.

For most programs, your child’s age lock-in date is the date we get your complete application for permanent residence. Some programs have several steps, so your child’s age is locked in before you submit your complete application for permanent residence.

IRCC uses the age on lock in date to see if your child qualifies as a dependant.

See the lock in dates by immigration or category. 


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