Find out if you need a medical exam for your permanent resident application


Certain clients may be eligible for an exemption from the Immigration Medical Examination requirement when making an application from within Canada.

This temporary public policy seeks to streamline the health screening requirement for foreign nationals who have made an application from within Canada and have previously completed an Immigration Medical Exam, that included a physical examination, and have a new or pending application under the Act, or are an in-Canada family member of a foreign national who has a new or pending application under the Act, while limiting public health risks to Canadians and strain on the Canadian health care system.
Applicant and accompanying family:

i    Has made an application under the Act and has indicated a Canadian residence on the application;
ii    Has submitted to an Immigration Medical Examination that included a physical examination under paragraph 29(a) of the Regulations
a    Within the five years before the date the application under the Act is submitted in the case of a foreign national who submits an application on or after the date this temporary public policy comes into effect, or
b    Within the five years before the the coming into effect of this temporary public policy in the case of a foreign national whose application under the Act is pending on the date the public policy comes into effect, and
1 The foreign national’s most recent IME described in subsection 1(ii), was assessed and coded as:
i M1: indicating they pose no danger to public health and public safety;
ii M3: indicating they have a health condition present but are not expected to place an excessive demand on health or social services, unless the M3 has been assessed and identified as “TR only” or “EDE only”; or
iii M2 or M2/3: indicating they are a potential risk to public health, but they have complied with their requirement to report to provincial/territorial health authorities for medical surveillance, unless the M2 or M2/3 has been assessed and identified as “TR only” or “EDE only”.

Note: Medical certificates for applicants who pass a medical examination in or outside Canada are valid for twelve months from the date of the last medical assessment of an applicant’s file by a medical officer and/or delegated staff.




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