Ministerial Instructions regarding the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa (2023)


In 2023, the Canadian government reaffirmed its priority for family reunification, particularly focusing on the reunification of parents and grandparents. This aligns with the goals of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and supports attracting, retaining, and integrating immigrants who contribute to Canadian society. To facilitate this, Ministerial Instructions for Super Visa for parents and grandparents were issued on December 1, 2011, and July 4, 2022, respectively, to align with legal amendments. Continuously updated, the latest instructions were issued on September 15, 2023, aiming to facilitate multiple entries and extensions of stay for parents and grandparents, including the need for or exemption from temporary resident visas.

According to these new instructions, jointly signed by Minister of Immigration and Citizenship Marc Miller and Minister of Public Safety Dominic LeBlanc, the requirements and conditions for the Super Visa were clarified. This includes applying from outside Canada, undergoing medical examinations, and obtaining health insurance policies. Additionally, it clarified income requirements for sponsors and when temporary resident visas are not needed as per the regulations. These instructions are effective from September 15, 2023, and will impact ongoing application assessments.

  1. Sponsor and Invitation Letter: The sponsor refers to a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or their child/grandchild, aged 18 or older, residing in Canada and meeting the minimum income requirements.

    The invitation letter is signed by the sponsor or their spouse/common-law partner inviting the foreign citizen applying for the Super Visa, committing to providing financial support during their stay in Canada.

  2. Minimum Required Income: Based on pre-tax annual income minimums published by Statistics Canada, considering the number of city residents, including the sponsor and family, the foreign citizen applicant and their family.

  3. Super Visa Requirements: The foreign citizen must apply from outside Canada, undergo a medical examination, provide satisfactory proof of health insurance, and the sponsor’s invitation letter.

  4. Joint Signature: Spouses/common-law partners can jointly sign the invitation letter and calculate income based on the minimum required income, meeting the conditions.

  5. Sponsor Requirements: The sponsor and their spouse/common-law partner must have the willingness and sufficient income to fulfill the commitment in the invitation letter.

  6. Exemption from Temporary Resident Visa: Foreign citizens meeting specific conditions may be exempt from obtaining a temporary resident visa, such as visiting their children or grandchildren.

  7. Effective Date and Repeal: The instructions are effective from September 15, 2023, simultaneously repealing the relevant instructions from July 4, 2022.



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